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Our purpose is to present informations about national park Plitvice, and offer You accomodation in this beautiful part of Europe. In addition to good prices, You´ll find a lot of useful informations and references, which will hopefully help You chose suitable place for spending Your holiday or its part.
If there is an equivalent to the Biblical Garden of Eden remaining on Earth, this might just be it. The National Park Plitvicka jezera (Plitvice Lakes) is one of the most beautiful natural values in Europe. In a valley between high forested mountains lie, one below another, sixteen beautiful lakes of crystal blue-green colour.
Over the millenniums, the waters of Plitvice lakes have dissolved the limestone rock and carved out the valley in which they now lie. Through the sedimentation of calcium and magnesium carbonates and the work of special kinds of algae and moss, tufa or travertine has been deposited, and is still deposited to form the natural dams that separate the lakes. Since the process is going on today, just as it always has, new travertine barriers, curtains, stalactites, channels and cascades are being built and existing ones are changing. The tufa also coats the beds and banks of the lakes, giving the water a sparkling beauty. This is a continuous biodynamic process of tufa formation a uniquely interesting natural phenomenon which goes on in undistributed ecological conditions. .
The National park Plitvice covers on area of 29482 hectares, of which 22000 hectares are forest, 217 hectares are lakes and streams and the rest are meadows and farm land. Tue to their unique evolution and beauty, in 1979 the Plitvice Lakes were entered in the UNESCO Register of World Natural Heritage. The exceptional beauty of the Plitvice lakes and waterfalls, rich plant and animal life, contrasting colours, forests and the pure mountain air, comfortable hotels and rustic restaurants attract nearly one milion of nature lovers every year. Visitors start their sightseeing tours at one of the entrances to the Park Plitvice. There they leave their cars, get all the necessary information and buy admission tickets.
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